Conditions and Recommendations

Programme changes
The Gran Teatre del Liceu reserves the right to cancel performances or to change the announced dates, times, programmes and casts when the indisposition of performers, technical problems, or force majeure make this necessary.

Admission will be refused once the performance has begun.

Recordings and photographs
It is forbidden to record or photograph the show, even parts of it or particular details.

Mobile telephones
Mobile telephones and all types of alarm must be turned off prior to entering the Auditorium.

Food and drink
Eating and drinking are not permitted in the Auditorium.

Silence must be maintained at all times to avoid disrupting the performance. The artists study and work very hard and they must be able to concentrate in order to act. Please respect their efforts by enjoying the opera quietly. The “silent” collaboration of the audience is very important to them.

Accompanying adults must keep minors under constant supervision to ensure they behave properly.

Do not interact with the performers (by clapping in time to the music, etc.) unless the artists explicitly ask you to do so.

We recommend that children be introduced to the works beforehand so that they can understand what they see on the stage. To assist you, we suggest you consult the teachers' notes for each show.