Les veus de l'obsessió

Charting obsession

Creation often becomes a form of therapy or rehabilitation aimed at channelling the artist's obsessions. Art, in any of its manifestations, plays a decisive role in the quest for personal balance and the sublimation of specific traumas or vital instincts.

The artist is converted by exorcism into a demiurge whose works challenge society and have curative effects on both their creator and the community.

On this basis of this concept, the Liceu will invite its audience to embark on a journey designed to chart the most private recesses of the mental process of creation, to undertake an explicit exploration of life's scars, of impulsive machinations and the exaltation of our most secret emotions.

Thus self-referentiality, the archeology of redemption, the narrative of reparation, and the charting of obsession will be the milestones lining the route.