Barcelona, 12th March 2019​. Within the framework of the 20th anniversary of the re-opening of the theatre, a new policy on subscriptions will be introduced, including a restructuring of the subscription series and discounts for all subscribers, both for those renewing their commitment to the Liceu, as well as for those who are joining the theatre for the first time. The Liceu aims to make the strength of the opera, dance performances and concerts of this new 2019/20 season more accessible to all. These new subscriptions will be available from 1st April on the website or by telephone: 902 787 397.

Giselle (© Laurent Liotardo)

The new system of subscriptions is structured around series of 12, 9, 6 and 3 titles, that integrate the traditional category of a regular seat with a new discount for all subscriptions. In the case of the series of 12 performances, the subscriber will enjoy a 25% discount and in the case of the 9 and 6 performance series, a 20% discount. This new proposal also includes a popular subscription option, which offers more advantages to the public for the new ‘20 years’ season, offering a 35% discount for one series of 6 performances and for all the series of 3 performances. As always, the popular subscription is the best option for those who want to experience the operatic genre for the first time.

Flexible subscriptions become made to measure subscriptions and provide a discount of 10% on three or more shows from the new season, which can be selected from any genre. Regarding the other types of subscriptions, dance will remain the same, which includes three dance shows with a 20% discount, and also El Petit Liceu which provides a 20% discount on the purchase of four or more tickets of the same or different shows, from El Petit Liceu.

Advantages for subscribers, as well as saving money on their purchase, include the possibility to change one of the shows in the subscription – two changes are permitted in the subscription for 12 and 9 shows, and one in the subscription for 6 –, the purchase of additional tickets with a 20% discount throughout the entire season and the new vacant seat service, which makes it possible for the subscribers to sell the subscription tickets that won’t be used. The price is established by the subscriber and is limited to the maximum cost of the original ticket. A refund of 50% will be issued in the event of it being sold.

Those under 35 years of age are also included in the new features of the 2019/20 season. In October #LiceuUnder35 will be launched, an exclusive session for those under 35 years of age with a special price of € 15 that also includes other services, such as food stands or a DJ in the Foyer. From September 2019, those under 35 years old will also be able to obtain tickets at a special price of € 30 up to 2 weeks before the opening performance. Students under 29 years of age can also buy tickets at a special price of € 20 if the purchase is made at the theatre box office three hours before the start of the show. This is yet another way to make opera more accessible to young people, consolidating their journey from El Petit Liceu to becoming a fully-fledged subscriber.

© Paco Amate.