Give your support to projects related to the artistic quality, educative and social area, and dissemination and promotion of opera.

Thanks to you, we offer an artistic program of quality, we make opera more accessible, we reach the whole society and the educative community, and we invest in new technologies and in our facilities

Under 35

Programa Under 35

With the aim of disseminate culture and attract new audiences, the Liceu propose the Programme Under 35 aimed to under 35 years old. Be linked with this programme is betting for adapting the future audiences needs and with an open and innovative view. Under 35

Liceu Apropa

Programa Social

Liceu Apropa contributes to the Theater's mission of guaranteeing access to people in vulnerable situations and making them participate in the Liceu. We work with the shared vision of being a benchmark in offering accessible and inclusive experiences for all. Liceu Apropa


Programa Educatiu

With the aim of contribute on the musical and artistic education of the schoolchildren and families, the Liceu develops different educational activities, and formative and pedagogical support materials. A programme of reference in the educational community. Liceu Aprèn

El Petit Liceu

The Liceu proposes a programme aimed at children and young audiences with its own hallmark: El Petit Liceu. Different shows from the school or family context. El Petit Liceu

El jove barber de Sevilla (© Antoni Bofill)

Liceu al Territori

The Territory Programme wants to close the opera and Liceu at the highest number of citizens. Different conferences about the operas scheduled during the season are hold through the territory and allows you the experience of attending a performance at the Liceu.

Liceu a la fresca

A Project with a high communicational aim that proposes the broadcasting of an opera at different municipalities of the territory to make enjoying all with the immensity of opera. Opera is around!Liceu a la fresca

Liceu a la FrescaLiceu a la FrescaLiceu a la Fresca
Liceu a la FrescaLiceu a la FrescaLIceu a la Fresca

Chamber Concerts

The Liceu make available for audience concerts supplementary at the season programme of the Theatre. The chamber music focused on the excellence and closeness music thanks to different members of the orchestra and chorus of the Gran Teatre del Liceu.. Chamber Concerts

Concerts de Cambra


A way of contributing on the artistic excellence of the stable professionals of the Theatre and helping on broad their repertoire as well as closing the Liceu to other municipalities.Orquestra

Orquestra Orquestra Orquestra Orquestra

El Monstre al laberint

As part of the Educational Area of the Theatre, El monstre al Laberint with the aim of fostering the passion for opera and arts at the school community with their active participation as a performers. Around 400 students of primary and secondary school of different educational centres of Catalunya will participate on it.El monstre al laberint

Monstre al laberint

Dance season

Programa Territori

Each new season the Liceu schedule different companies internationally renowned with essential shows that need your support

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