Room Escape: Enigma Puccini

60 minutes to solve the first Room Escape in an opera house. Are you game?

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Friday afternoons, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. Click HERE to schedule.

Individual entrance​
18€ per person for groups of up to 8 people.
The activity is for two competing groups of a maximum of 8 people each per session.
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Group and company booking
From 550€
The Liceu tailors the activities and adapts them to the client's schedule needs. Ask for availability, prices and complementary experiences (tours, reservation of spaces, opera talks, shows...).

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The game

It is believed that composer Giacomo Puccini didn’t finish the opera Turandot. Some members of the Order of Trinitarians (the religious order that occupied the site on which the Liceu was built) guard the composer’s original ending, which has never seen the light of day. Every ten years, the group that guards the manuscript is replaced by a new one, thus ensuring the enduring success of the ending we all know.

The groups of participants must compete by solving logic and ingenuity tests in order to find the original manuscript hidden in the Liceu. During the Room Escape they will not only get to know aspects of the Liceu’s history, but they will also visit the most emblematic spaces in the building.

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  • This activity is suitable for all ages from eight and up. Minors are encouraged to participate as long as they are accompanied by at least one adult.

  • The Room Escape will be approximately 80 minutes, 60 of which will be dedicated to solving the challenge.

  • The meeting point will be the Liceu’s main entrance (La Rambla).

  • Please, be on time.

May the best team win!

If you are a company and you would like to do a team-building activity, this is it!

Why participate?​

  • Work team challenges.

  • Put oneself to the test.

  • Contribute ideas.

  • Build group cohesion.

  • It can be combined with a private tour along with access to meeting rooms.