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Mission of this job position

The person selected will define, implement and develop the Theatre’s artistic model under the Gran Teatre del Liceu’s General Management.

Responsibilities and functions

The main functions of the job position consist of:

1.- Designing the GTL’s artistic model with the aim of:

a.- Programming with signature artistic narration the opera, dance, recital and concert activities (the latter in coordination with the musical department if the concerts involve the GTL’s orchestra and choruses), so that this programming keeps its own differentiated personality with respect to the rest of the world’s opera houses.

b.- Imprinting a global dimension and character, but with a local roots.

c.- Taking into account this country’s creators.

d.- Dialoguing with the rest of the arts.

e.- Working on programming that helps to develop new audiences.

f.- Staying within the assigned budget.

2.- Coordinate with the music department to decide on musical directors, and to agree on all the decisions that affect the area of ​​the music department (especially those related to the chorus and the orchestra).

3.- The production department will depend on the artistic area; the former has the responsibility of coordinating all the elements involved in carrying out each performance.

4.- Coordinate the planning of the artistic seasons after listening to the criteria of the different areas that take part in defining the season (marketing area, technical area, music department, space rental area) and with the approval of the Theatre’s General Management.

5.- Seek co-producers and partners, if applicable, for those artistic projects that the Theatre wants to promote and lead.

6.- Take responsibility for the tours the Theatre sends out on the road.

7.- Coordinate with the educational service to define and prepare its own artistic programming. Look after the tours that the Theatre sends out on the road.

8.- Firstly forecast and then ensure the economic sustainability of the artistic project within its budgetary allotment for each season.

Job profile

The person will be selected based on the following qualifications:

  • It is essential that they have broad and credible artistic programming experience in the fields required at the Gran Teatre del Liceu.
  • They must be capable of devising and developing the artistic outlook of the Theatre by combining innovation and the international projection of the Theatre with the distinctive features of the quality enjoyed by the Gran Teatre del Liceu.
  • They must have significant knowledge and experience with the various persons intervening in the field of opera, in both the local and international domains.
  • Proven experience must be accredited in the economic management of scheduling of artistic seasons and the budgetary balancing required. Moreover, they must demonstrate their ability to manage and coordinate teams to achieve cooperation from all the departments involved in the artistic project.
  • In this regard, value will be placed on the accreditation of training in Cultural and/or Corporate Management of Institutions or companies.
  • Mastery of languages is essential, and that of English is considered crucial; value will be placed on being able to speak additional languages.
  • Musical training accreditation will be valued and especially studies in the fields of singing and voice.
  • Depending on the role being fulfilled, many times the candidate will have to be the institution’s representative, and, for that reason, they must be an empathetic person, with the ability to establish stable relationships and react positively to conflictive situations.

Remuneration and Hiring Conditions

  • The salary has initially been established at €120,000 but can be adjusted, where appropriate, to the qualifications of the person selected.
  • The initial contract will be for 4 years and may be extendable.

Documentation required for candidates to apply

Those people who want to be candidates must submit:

  • A letter of presentation and motivation (maximum length 2 pages).
  • A detailed CV regarding professional experience (maximum 4 pages).
  • An artistic project for the Liceu that meets the requirements and parameters specified above (maximum 15 pages).

The aforementioned documentation may be submitted in Catalan, Spanish or English.

The deadline for submission will be until 30 November 2018, via the Human Resources Department or e-mail

The entire hiring process is expected to be completely finished on 31 January 2019. The starting date for the newly hired candidate will be established with the person selected, although it would be desirable to start on 1 September 2019.