Schubert's music and Shiota's installation take over the Mirror Room

The slow ceremony of rejection. Winter Journey, one of the finest song cycles in the history of music, is also considered the spiritual testament of Franz Schubert. In these Lieder based on poems by Wilhelm Müller, we discover the ideas and longings, the hopes and obsessions that accumulated in the Viennese composer's mind like snow on the ground. A young man, alone and disillusioned with life and love, melts into the shadowy white landscape and invites the listener to visit his ravaged and yet beautiful inner world.

The Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, who is based in Berlin, is this season's guest artist. She has created an installation to interact with the music. Schubert's world, full of gloom and disquiet, reveals his trauma and scars in a hypnotic appeal to solitude and seclusion.

  • Approximate running time 1h 10m

Artistic profile

Tareq Nazmi, bass
Gerold Huber

June 2021


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F. Schubert
Winterreise D.911