A universal myth: without regret, this predator is born free to self-destruct

Don Giovanni is a serial seducer, an obsessive-compulsive narcissist, who flaunts society's rules and brings about his own downfall. We follow him on his round of amorous exploits in the company of his shrewd servant Leporello until, hounded by the ghost of the man he murdered in the first scene, he finishes up dining with him and defying his command to repent.  To adapt the words of Bizet's Carmen: he was born free and free he will die (“libre elle est née et libre elle mourra”).

Mozart's audacious opera Don Giovanni was his second joint undertaking with librettist Lorenzo de Ponte (after Figaro and before Così). It has been delighting audiences ever since its premiere in 1787.

Don Juan ranks alongside Don Quixote and Faust as one of Europe's founding myths, an archetypal figure who always provides food for thought and new ideas.  By depicting a cold-blooded sexual predator, Don Giovanni affords a chance, in our #MeToo age, to set society in front of a mirror and show just how widespread misogynous conduct is.

This forceful drama, in which tragedy and comedy blend, combines enchanting music with a central character of fascinating psychological complexity. We will see it in an attractive production by the Frankfurt Opera, signed by director Christof Loy. It lays stress on the characters' inner lives and shows Don Giovanni on a 24-hour hunting spree, now a desperate and lonely anti-hero, always eluded by success.

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Don Giovanni

Libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte.
World premiere: 29/10/1787 in Prague.
First Barcelona performance: 18/12/1849 at the Teatre Principal.
First performance at the Gran Teatre del Liceu: 21/02/1866.
Last Liceu performance: 2/07/2017.
Total number of Liceu performances: 87.

Approximate running time 2h 55m

  • First act 1h 30m
  • Interval 20m
  • Second act 1h 5m

Artistic profile

Director musical
Josep Pons
Stage director
Christof Loy
Axel Weidauer
Johannes Leiacker
Ursula Renzenbrink
Olaf Winter
Fencing Master
Thomas Ziesch
Stage Director Assistant
Salva Bolta
Costume Assistant
Lisa Daessler
Oper Frankfurt
Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Liceu Opera Barcelona
Director of the Chorus
Conxita Garcia
Kai Gleusteen
Conductor Assistant
Emmanuel Niubò
Musiscal assistants
Véronique Werklé, Rodrigo de Vera, David-Huy Nguyen-Phong and Jaume Tribó


Don GiovanniChristopher Maltman
Il CommendatoreAdam Palka
Donna AnnaMiah Persson
Don OttavioBen Bliss
Donna ElviraVéronique Gens
LeporelloLuca Pisaroni
MasettoJosep-Ramon Olivé24th,26th,31th October and 2th,5th,8th November
Toni Marsol28th October
ZerlinaLeonor Bonilla24th,26th,31th October and 2th,5th,8th November
Sara Blanch28th October

Cast change

  • On the performance of October 28th, the roles of Zerlina and Masetto are sing by Sara Blanch and Toni Marsol, due to a possible positive of Leonor Bonilla. Meanwhile, and following Health Department protocols, Josep-Ramon Olivé is also isolated as a preventive measure despite of being negative in his PCR test, as Bonilla and Olivé share plenty of scenes together.

October 2020

24Saturday20:00Turn A
26Monday19:00Turn H
28Wednesday19:00Turn D
31Saturday19:00Turn CCancelled

November 2020

2Monday19:00Turn P (PA)Cancelled
5Thursday19:00Turn BCancelled
8Sunday17:00Turn TCancelled

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